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  12、I live in a big city with a lot of homeless people.Luckily there’re small ways of helping them and you needn’t have a lot of 36.One way to help is to buy their monthly magazine.37 doing this one day,I got to 38 a young homeless man,He was often 39 the magazine at the train station.

  He was a poor farmer from another country.After a while,I discovered that his 40 was close to mine.It 41___ that we were born in the same month.

  I met him last year 42 after his birthday,and after congratulating(祝贺)him,without 43,I asked if he had had a good day.He 44 and said that he hadn’t really celebrated.I felt so 45.___

  I just couldn’t bear the thought of(不敢想)this nice,young man being 46 on his 25th birthday with no presents,no cake,nothing!So I went home and looked in my yarn(纱线)basket.47 for me,I had enough yarn 48.I set to work and knitted(编织)a 49 for the young man.The yarn had become a little dirty 50 I didn’t knit very often.Then I washed the yarn so the scarf would be 51 when he got it.

  I met him on my own birthday as I was going shopping.I had 52 to meet him so I had 53 the scarf and a piece of my own birthday 54 around with me.He was very happy with these gifts and so was I.The 55 in his eyes was the best present he could have given me!

  36.A.work B.energy C.money D.experience

  37.A.In B.On C.Besides D.By

  38.A.realize B.ignore C.know D.recognize

  39.A.selling B.reading C.covering D.buying

  40.A.birthday B.house C.height D.hobby

  41.A.said B.found C.guessed D.meant

  42.A.long B.shortly C.ever D.even

  43.A.stopping B.helping C.praising D.thinking

  44.A.looked up B.turned up C.looked down D.got down

  45.A.foolish B.excited C.clever D.worried

  46.A.calm B.happy C.alone D.hungry

  47.A.Suddenly B.Luckily C.Badly D.However

  48.A.used B.done C.left D.produced

  49.A.scarf B.cap C.sock D.glove

  50.A.when B.because C.so D.and

  51.A.different B.dry C.wet D.clean

  52.A.liked B.hoped C.promised D.agreed

  53.A.made B.thrown C.received D.carried

  54.A.cake B.present C.song D.party

  55.A.light B.pain C.sight D.tear

  36----45 CDCAA DBDCA 46-----55 CBCAB DBDAA

  13、Sudha Chandran,a classical dancer from India,had to have her right leg cut after a car accident.She was also 51 on her career(职业)road.

  Though the accident brought her bright career to a 52,she didn’t give up.In the 53 months that followed,Sudha met a doctor who developed an artificial(人造的)54 made from rubber filled with sponge(海绵).So 55 she wanted to go back to 56 after she had been fitted with an artificial leg.Sudha knew that she believed in 57 and could realize her dream,58 she began her courageous journey back to the world of dancing—59 to balance,bend,stretch,walk,turn,twist and twirl.

  After every public recital(个人表演),she 60 ask her dad about her performance.“You 61 have a long way to go”was the answer she used to get 62.In January 1984,Sudha made a historic 63 by giving a public recital in Bombay.She performed in such a great manner that it 64 everyone to tears and this 65 pushed her to the number one position again.That evening when she asked her dad the 66 question,he didn’t say anything.He just touched her feet as a praise.

  Sudha’s comeback was 67 moving an event that a film producer 68 to make the story into a hit film.

  When someone asked Sudha how she had 69 to dance again,she said quite simply,“YOU DON’T NEED FEET TO DANCE.”70 is impossible in this world.If you have the will to win,you can achieve anything.

  51.A.left alone B.cut off C.kept outD.put out

  52.A.top B.heightC.pointD.stop

  53.A.unforgettable B.painful C.busy D.free

  54.A.flowerB.leg C.gift D.box

  55.A.strangelyB.graduallyC.heavily D.strongly

  56.A.home B.school C.dancing D.walking

  57.A.the doctor B.the stage C.herself D.her dad

  58.A.howeverB.even C.sinceD.therefore

  59.A.startingB.remembering C.wanting D.learning

  60.A.could B.would C.should D.might

  61.A.yet B.ever C.also D.still

  62.A.in return B.in turn C.in surprise D.in anger

  63.A.change B.movement C.comeback D.promise

  64.A.made B.moved C.let D.forced

  65.A.story B.performance C.decision D.accident

  66.A.usual B.new C.normal D.interesting

  67.A.such B.this C.very D.so

  68.A.allowedB.pretended C.refusedD.decided

  69.A.tried B.managed C.thought D.imagined

  70.A.Nothing B.Anything C.Something D.Everything



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