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  14Mr.Jones had always wanted to make a trip into the middle of Africa to shoot wild animals.16 first he had no enough money,and then he was married.His wife had not wanted him to 17 her.At last his wife 18 to the trip if he allowed her to go,too.

  “But it will be very uncomfortable,”Mr.Jones 19 her,“It will be very hot and we shall live in a tent,and it 20 be dangerous.”“I don’t care,”said his wife,“I want to go with you.”So they bought a big tent,camp beds,a refrigerator(电冰箱)which did not need 21 and many other things which would make the trip comfortable,and went off to the 22 of Africa.

  The first morning,23 Mr.Jones took his gun and left the tent,he 24 his wife a bell and explained to her,“If you fall in 25 and you need me,26 this bell and I’ll come at once.”

  After a few minutes,he heard the bell and returned 27 to the tent.“What’s the matter?”he asked.“28”said his wife,“I was only 29 the bell.”Mr.Jones went off,but after a quarter of an hour,the bell rang 30.

  Mr.Jones hurried back to the tent,but his wife said,“I’m 31.I was cleaning our tent,and I knocked the bell over by mistake.”Mr.Jones returned to his 32,but soon he heard the 33 once more.This time,when he got back to his 34,the tent was burning and Mrs.Jones was lying on the ground,with 35 running from a big cut on her shoulder.“That’s better!”said Mrs.Jones.“This time the bell had been used correctly!”

  16.A.And B.But C.For D.So

  17.A.leave B.miss C.marry D.care

  18.A.allowed B.permitted C.satisfied D.agreed

  19.A.told B.advised C.persuaded D.warned

  20.A.may B.ought C.can’t D.shall

  21.A.money B.electricity C.force D.power

  22.A.south B.middle C.east D.west

  23.A.while B.until C.before D.after

  24.A.gave B.sent C.lent D.bought

  25.A.hurry B.surprise C.safety D.danger

  26.A.hit B.knock C.beat D.ring

  27.A.again B.back C.quickly D.home

  28.A.Something B.Nothing C.No D.None

  29.A.ringing B.trying C.using D.testing

  30.A.again B.once C.across D.away

  31.A.happy B.sorry C.tired D.all right

  32.A.wife B.tent C.trip D.hunting

  33.A.cry B.shot C.bell D.shout

  34.A.garden B.house C.camp D.office

  35.A.water B.tears C.blood D.sweat

  16-20 BADDA 21-25BBCAD 26-30DCBBA 31-35 BDCCC

  15、When Dave was eighteen,he bought a secondhand car for 200 so that he could travel to and from work more 21 than by bus.It worked quite well for a few years,but then it got so old,and it was costing him 22 much in repairs that he decided that he had better 23 it.

  He asked among his friends to see if anyone was particularly 24 to buy a cheap car,but they all knew that it was falling to pieces,so 25 of them had any desire to buy it.Dave's friend Sam saw that he was 26 when they met one evening,and said,“What's 27,Dave?”

  Dave told him,and Sam answered,“Well,what about advertising it in the paper?You may 28 more for it that way than the cost of the advertisement!”Thinking that Sam's___29___was sensible(合理的),he put an advertisement in an evening paper,which read“For sale:small car,30 very little petrol,only two owners.Bargain(要价)at 50.”For two days after the advertisement first appeared,there was no ___31___.But then on Saturday evening he had an enquiry(询问).A man rang up and said he would like to___32___ him about the car.“All right,”Dave said,feeling happy.He asked the man whether ten o'clock the next morning would be___33___or not.“Fine,”the man said,“and I'll ___34____my wife.We intend to go for a ride in it to 35 it.”

  The next morning,at a quarter to ten,Dave parked the car in the square outside his front door,____36___ to wait there for the people who had____37____ his advertisement.Even Dave had to ___38___that the car really looked like a wreck(残骸).Then,soon after he had got the car as clean___39___ it could be,a police car stopped just behind him and a policeman got out.He looked at Dave's car and then said,“Have you reported this ____40___ to us yet,sir?”

  21.A.directly B.safely C.properly D.easily

  22.A.so B.such C.very D.too

  23.A.keep B.repair C.sell D.throw

  24.A.anxious B.lucky C.ashamed D.generous

  25.A.some B.neither C.none D.most

  26.A.delighted B.upset C.calm D.astonished

  27.A.on B.up C.it D.that

  28.A.learn B.miss C.get D.find

  29.A.message B.advice C.requestD.description

  30.A.uses B.loses C.has D.spends

  31.A.doubt B.help C.troubleD.answer

  32.A.tell B.see C.agree D.call

  33.A.exact B.suitable C.early D.late

  34.A.follow B.meet C.bring D.introduce

  35.A.recognize B.gain C.admire D.test

  36.A.happening B.meaning C.turning D.failing

  37.A.read B.inserted C.answered D.placed

  38.A.forget B.show C.disagree D.admit

  39.A.as B.that C.so D.such

  40.A.bargain B.sale C.accident D.result

  21-25 DACAC

  26-30 BBCBA 31-35 DBBCD 36-40 BCDAC



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