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  [00:04.70]1.Look at the calendar below.Circle the birthdays that you hear.

  [00:11.62]In my family there are seven people.My father's birthday is on July 29th.

  [00:20.06]My mother’s birthday is on November 24th.My older sister's birthday is on May 14th.

  [00:28.37]My older brother's birthday is on June 30th.My younger brother's birthday is on October 24th.

  [00:37.43]My younger sister's is on April 10th,and my birthday is on December lest.

  [00:45.04]2.Listen to the tape and write as much information in the chart as you can.

  [00:53.47]Bart:Listen,Carolyn,I just remembered.I need to got to the bank to cash some traveler’s chouse

  [01:00.21]what time to they close?

  [01:01.65]Carolyn:The bank close at three-thirty.

  [01:03.84]Bart:It closes at three-thirty,right.

  [01:06.77]Carolyn:And opens at nine-thirty.

  [01:08.44]Bart:And opens at nine-thirty in he miming,ah that's good.

  [01:11.94]And also-um-I need some stamps,to send some postcards.

  [01:16.56]Um-what time does the post office close?

  [01:19.18]Carolyn:Well,the post office doesn't close until five-thirty,so lyou have plenty of time.

  [01:23.85]Bart:Yeah,that's no problem,right,OK,

  [01:26.91]And-um-another question I had was-what is the best way to travel around London?

  [01:32.26]Carolyn:Oh...buess are by far the best way to travel.

  [01:35.01]Bart:Yeah,and do they run all night and...?

  [01:37.41]Carolyn:Er-yes,as a matter of fact they do,they start at five...

  [01:41.36]Bart:They start at five,yeah.

  [01:43.31]Carolyn:...and run to midnigh...


  [01:45.33]Carolyn:..and then other buses run throughout the night until morning,finishing in the morning.

  [01:49.95]Bart:OK,From special please,you mean?


  [01:53.55]Bart:Yeah,right,Good,and what about the Underground,is that-er-the same?

  [01:59.01]Carolyn:Underground's about th same.

  [02:00.58]Bart:Yeah,starts at five and...

  [02:03.12]Carolyn:Finishes at midnight.

  [02:04.45]Bart:..finishes at midnight,right.

  [02:06.01]Robin:You know,the only times you really need to get right are the pub opening times.[02:11.37]arolyn:Pub licensing hours are ridiculous.

  [02:13.98]They open about ten to ten-thirty,close at three,

  [02:18.16]open in the afternoon about five-thirty,

  [02:21.11]and close again at eleven p.m.



  [02:25.79]Bart:You mean I can't drink after eleven o'clock?


  [02:29.00]Bart:Oh,that's amazing!I...I can't believe that!

  [02:36.24]Number three

  [02:37.70]Look at the pictures.You will hear people talking about when five of the situations shown below will take place.

  [02:46.01]Match the conversations with the correct pictures and write down when they will be.

  [02:54.29]Sue:By the way,Aidan,can you tell me when the French history exam is?

  [03:00.24]Aidan:It's next week on Tuesday,a week today but there's a notice up for it if you have a look.

  [03:09.65]Fred:Oh,by the way,what time's that meeting on Monday?

  [03:13.67]Julie:Oh,it's in the afternoon.Three o'clck.



  [03:22.29]Mr Cowin:Hello,I'm phoning about my car.

  [03:25.22]Mechanic:Er,What's the name,sir?

  [03:27.46]Mr Cowin:Em.Cowin.

  [03:29.37]Mechanic:Cowin,just a minute.Ah,yes,Er,should be ready late tomorrow.

  [03:37.55]Bob:When's the talk?

  [03:39.92]Jenny:It's next Wednesday,it's been changed.

  [03:44.97]Isla St.Clair:Isla St.Clair here and I just want to tell you that this Saturday morning on BRMB

  [03:51.78]I'll be on the radio with Ed Doolan and the team just after eight o'clock.

  [03:57.19]Hope you can join us.

  [04:00.14]Number 4

  [04:01.29]Liten to the tape and fill in the missing information in this table.

  [04:09.63]A British Rail.Exeter.

  [04:12.63]B Is that a real person or a recorded message I'm speaking to?

  [04:16.60]A I'm real,madam.

  [04:18.43]B Thank goodness for that!I want to get to Oxford as early as possible tomorrow morning.

  [04:23.26]A There's a train that leaves Exeter at 7:07,arriving at Reading at 9:04.

  [04:30.08]B Oh dear,that's very early!

  [04:32.07]A The next train is not until 8:45.

  [04:35.36]B In that case I'd better take the early one.

  [04:37.84]A You have to change at Reading,and your connection will arrive in Oxford at 9:55.

  [04:43.59]B How much is a single?

  [04:45.10]A Second class?

  [04:46.62]B Yes,please.

  [04:47.32]A It's£19.15.

  [04:49.96]B Thank you very much.

  [04:52.05]Nnmber 2

  [04:51.05]A National Express.

  [04:52.43]B Oh,you've answered at last!

  [04:54.68]A I'm sorry sir,we're very busy.Can I help you?

  [04:57.68]B I want to get to Heathrow Airport tomorrow morning from Bath.

  [05:01.60]I have to be here at 12:30.

  [05:04.08]Which coach should I catch?

  [05:05.83]A There's coach that leaves Bath at 10:45,which gets to Heathrow at 12:40.

  [05:11.58]B No,that's bit tight,I'm afraid.What time's the one before that?

  [05:16.70]A They run every hour,so you should take the 9:45 in that case.

  [05:21.17]B And what's the return fare,please?


  [05:25.48]B That's all I need to know.Thanks very much.

  [05:31.36]A All Mini Cabs.

  [05:33.65]B Can you tell me how much you would charge for a trip to Gatwick Airport?

  [05:37.60]A When do you wan to go?

  [05:38.98]B Well,it's a night flight leaving at 11:45 so I have to be there an hour beforehand.

  [05:45.07]How long does it take to get to Gatwick from here?

  [05:47.87]A About 40 minutes,Just a minute,I'll work out the price.

  [05:52.33]That'll be£26.

  [05:55.26]B Fine,Can you pick me up at ten o'clock tonight then?

  [05:58.71]No,you'd better make it a quarter to ten,to be on the safe side,

  [06:02.83]A Right,your name and address please?

  [06:06.93]Number 5

  [06:08.24]Write the numbers that you hear


  [06:18.59]Here are the latest population figures.

  [06:20.94]There are about 56 million people living in the United Kingdom.

  [06:25.43]There are around 230 million people living in the United States.

  [06:30.24]There are about 15 million people living in Australia.



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