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  When Dave was eighteen,he bought a secondhand car for 200 so that he could travel to and from work more__1__ than by bus.It worked quite well for a few years,but then it got so old,and it was costing him _2_much in repairs that he decided that he had better _3_it.

  He asked among his friends to see if anyone was particularly_ 4_ to buy a cheap car,but they all knew that it was falling to pieces,so_5_ of them had any desire to buy it.Dave's friend Sam saw that he was _6_ when they met one evening,and said,“What's _7_,Dave?”

  Dave told him,and Sam answered,“Well,what about advertising it in the paper?You may _8_more for it that way than the cost of the advertisement!”Thinking that Sam's_9_was sensible(合理的),he put an advertisement in an evening paper,which read“For sale:small car,_10_ very little petrol,only two owners.Bargain at 50.”

  For two days after the advertisement first appeared,there was no _11_.But then on Saturday evening he had an enquiry(询问).A man rang up and said he would like to_12_ him about the car.“All right,”Dave said,feeling happy.He asked the man whether ten o'clock the next morning would be_13_or not.“Fine,”the man said,“and I'll _14_my wife.We intend to go for a ride in it to _15_ it.”

  The next morning,at a quarter to ten,Dave parked the car in the square outside his front door,_16_ to wait there for the people who had_17_ his advertisement.Even Dave had to _18_that the car really looked like a wreck(残骸).Then,soon after he had got the car as clean_19_ it could be,a police car stopped just behind him and a policeman got out.He looked at Dave's car and then said,“Have you reported this _20_ to us yet,sir?”

  1.A.directly B.safely C.properly D.easily

  2.A.so B.such C.very D.too

  3.A.keep B.repair C.sell D.throw

  4.A.anxious B.lucky C.ashamed D.generous

  5.A.some B.neither C.none D.most

  6.A.delighted B.upset C.calm D.astonished

  7.A.on B.up C.it D.that

  8.A.learn B.miss C.get D.find

  9.A.message B.advice C.request D.description

  10.A.uses B.loses C.has D.spends

  11.A.doubt B.help C.trouble D.answer

  12.A.tell B.see C.agree D.call

  13.A.exact B.suitable C.early D.late

  14.A.follow B.meet C.bring D.introduce

  15.A.recognize B.gain C.admire D.test

  16.A.happening B.meaning C.turning D.failing

  17.A.read B.inserted C.answered D.placed

  18.A.forget B.show C.disagree D.admit

  19.A.as B.that C.so D.such

  20.A.bargain B.sale C.accident D.result



  2.so much…that…,如此多……以致于……,这是一个固定结构。too much不能和hat连用,我们经常使用too…to。答案为A。

  3.根据上文修理花费太多,所以就决定卖掉,而且下文也就是围绕卖车而展开的。答案为C。4.be anxious to do sth急着干……,Dave想了解是否有人急着买车,因为他想卖掉自己的车。答案为A。

  5前面已经提到“it was falling to pieces”车很快要成碎片,所以没有人愿意买。neither主要用于两个人中没有一个,所以在这不合适。答案为C。


  7.“what's up”表示“怎么回事,发生了什么”。答案为B。


  9.advice表示“建议”,因为前面有一句“what about advertising it in the newspaper?”这本就是一种建议“在报纸上登广告怎么样?”答案为B。


  11.no answer表示“回应”,表示广告登出去以后无人问津。A.doubt表示“怀疑”;B.help表示“帮助”;C.trouble表示“麻烦”,均不合题意。答案为D。



  14.bring my wife表示把妻子带来。A.recognize表示“认出”;B.gain表示“获得,得到”C.admire表示“羡慕”,均不合题意。答案为C。


  16.“mean to”表示“打算做……”在这儿是打算等买车的人。答案为B。




  The word“plastic”comes from the Greek word“Platicos”and is used to describe_1_which can be easily shaped.

  The history of plastics is longer than you might_2_.In fact _3_ manmade plastics ever to appear on the market was made over a hundred years ago.It was called“celluloid(赛璐璐)”.It was discovered by both an Englishman and an American in the same year._4_it was the Americans who first produced it on a large scale during the year 1860.Everybody was _5_by this new material which could be moulded(用模子做)into shapes and _6_so cheap to buy.

  Poor young men _7_in cities with lots of smoke and dirt were_8_ to buy white celluloid collars(领子).The collars were hard and uncomfortable.But they did not have to be sent to wash.The poor young men _9_ rub them clean every evening with soap and water!Poor mothers,

  _10_ had not been able to afford playthings _11_their children,were now able to buy them playthings _12_ of celluloid.But celluloid had one very serious fault.It caught fire very easily.In fact it burned even more quickly than wood or cloth.There were many terrible accidents,particularly _13_ children.For years scientists worked hard to find a better plastic material than celluloid.They had _14_ success.Then in 1932 an American scientist called Baekeland produced a hard plastic material which did not burn._15_ became known _16_ bakelite(酚醛塑料).Other plastic materials like bakelite were _17_ produced.They _18_ to make electrical fittings and plates and cups.Poor people liked them because they were both cheap and safe,but rich people _19_ them because they were cheap,and because they could only be made _20_dark colours.

  1.A.something B.everything C.thing D.anything

  2.A.wish B.think C.want D.hope

  3.A.first B.at first C.for the first D.the first

  4.A.So B.But C.And D.As

  5.A.surprised B.excited C.told D.frightened

  6.A.be B.were C.was D.is

  7.A.waiting B.running C.walking D.working

  8.A.going B.sure C.about D.able

  9.A.could B.ought to C.must D.should

  10.A.which B.who C.whom D.that

  11.A.for B.like C.in D.of

  12.A.done B.produced C.worked D.made

  13.A.between B.on C.among D.about

  14.A.much B.great.C.never D.little

  15.A.The man B.He C.It D.The scientist

  16.A.as B.with C.by D.to

  17.A.already B.still C.also D.yet

  18.A.used B.hoped C.were used D.had

  19.A.took B.loved C.enjoyed D.disliked

  20.A.in B.by C.from D.of






  5.be excited by“因为……而激动”。答案为B。

  6.它的主语是“which”,而“which”指的是this new material,所以用单数。答案为C。

  7.working in cities是现在分词短语做后置定语。这里指的是在城市里工作的贫穷的年轻人。答案为D。

  8.be able to表示“能够”。答案为D。


  10.这是一个非限定性定语从句,who指的是前边提到的poor mothers,在非限定性定语从句中作主语。答案为who。答案为B。


  12.“made of”表示“由……制成”。答案为D。

  13.“among children”表示“在孩子们当中”。答案为C。

  14.“little success”表示“没有成功”。答案为D。

  15.It指的是前面所提到“a hard plastic material”。答案为C。

  16.“be known as”作为……而著名。答案为A。


  18.“were used”表示“被用来……”。答案为C。


  20.in dark colours这里表示“深色,黑色”。答案为A。



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