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  After lunch,without permission from parents,the two boys set off to explore the part of the beach which lay beyond the headland(陆岬,伸出海面的尖形高地).They had persuaded their young sister to _1_,saying that the long walk would be too _2_for her.Once they had got in the head land,the beach reached away endlessly before them.It was like _3_a new world.There were damp,dark caves to _4_,there were many_5_ among the rocks,full of sea creatures(生物);and,here and there along the beach were those _6_ objects,washed up and _7_ by the tide.

  The afternoon passed _8_The sun was already _9_when the boys reluctantly(恋恋不舍地)_10_ to make their _11_ homewards.But long before they reached the headland,they could see that the tide had come in so sudden that they were now _12_from either end of the beach.Their only chance of _13_ was to find a way up the cliff(悬崖)nearby.

  They soon find a narrow path _14_ the cliff top.But half way up their path was_15_by a large rock which they could not climb_16_The two boys had to_17_ at the top of their voices,_18_ that someone might_19_over the top of the rock,and finally came their father with two policemen._20_of them climbed down a rope which was lowered over the rock.The boys were then pulled to safety,and thus saved from spending a miserable night on the cliff.

  1.A.keep quiet B.stay behind C.take a rest D.join them

  2.A.tiring B.exciting C.uninteresting D.impossible

  3.A.discovering B.facing C.enjoying D.imagining

  4.A.look up B.explore C.hide in D.search

  5.A.lakes B.rivers C.waterfalls D.pools

  6.A.dirty B.light C.strange D.clean

  7.A.moved B.covered C.beaten D.left

  8.A.quickly B.unexpectedly C.finally D.suddenly

  9.A.leaving B.dropping C.going D.setting

  10.A.forgot B.decided C.succeeded D.turned

  11.A.road B.way C.track D.path

  12.A.cut off B.left behind C.held back D.put away

  13.A.running off B.keeping clear C.getting away D.turning back

  14.A.reaching B.passing C.going up D.leading to

  15.A.blocked B.covered C.stopped D.filled

  16.A.on B.over C.round D.through

  17.A.shout B.shoot C.repeat D.renew

  18.A.wanting B.guessing C.believing D.hoping

  19.A.turn B.appear C.hide D.climb

  20.A.Any B.None C.One D.First



  2.上文说劝阻young sister不去,只能说long walk would be too tiring。答案为A。3.通过上下文看,facing是作like的宾语,表示“面对”的意思。答案为B。



  6.two boys没有见过海里的东西,故选strange。答案为C。




  10.没有turn to do这个搭配,succeed in doing,forget to do语境不对。答案为B。

  11.make one's road homewards指找道回家。答案为A。

  12.cut off切断,割掉。答案为A。

  13.get away指逃走,离开;run off吓跑,撵走;turn back翻回,打退堂鼓。答案为C。14.reach指到达;lead to指通向。答案为D。

  15.be blocked指阻塞。答案为A。

  16.climb over the rock指爬上岩石。答案为B。

  17.shout at the top of one's voice指高声地喊。答案为A。



  20.one of them,them指their father and two policemen。答案为C。


  In Britain,people have different attitudes to the police.Most people generally _1_them and the job they do—although there are certain people who do not believe that the police _2_have the power that they do.

  What does a policeman actually do?It is not _3_job to describe.After all,a policeman has a number of jobs in _4_.A policeman often has to control traffic,either _5_ foot in the centre of a town,or in a police car on the roads.Indeed,in Britain,he might be in the Traffic Police and spend all,or a lot of,his time _6_up and down main roads and motorways.A traffic policeman has to help keep the traffic moving,stop _7_motorists and help when there is an accident.

  A policeman has to help keep the _8_,too.If there is a fight or some other disturbance,we _9_ the police to come and restore order.And they often have to _10_ situation at great risk to their own _11_.

  We expect the police to solve crimes,of course,so an ordinary policeman,_12_ he is not a detective(侦探),will often have to help_13_and arrest criminals.

  And _14_ do we call when there is an emergency—an air crash,a_15_,a road accident,or a robbery?We call the police._16_a policeman has to be _17_to face any unpleasant emergency that may happen in the _18_ world.

  The police do an absolutely necessary job,they do it _19_ well and I support them,but I do not envy policemen.I do not think that I could _20_ do the job of a policeman.

  1.A.dislike B.join C.appreciate D.admire

  2.A.should B.would C.could D.must

  3.A.a funny B.a pleasant C.an interesting D.an easy

  4.A.it B.one C.his D.them

  5A.on B.by C.under D.with

  6.A.walking B.driving C.wandering D.searching

  7.A.resting B.tired C.speeding D.drunken

  8.A.peace B.silence C.situation D.condition

  9.A.wait for B.call C.think of D.expect

  10.A.turn to B.avoid C.deal with D.treat

  11.A.safety B.families C.future D.friends

  12.A.although B.as if C.however D.even if

  13.A.get rid of B.question C.look for D.sentence

  14.A.how B.where C.what D.who

  15.A.power failure B.fire C.thunder storm D.thief

  16.A.Yet B.Then C.As D.So

  17.A.provided B.promised C.prepared D.presented

  18.A.future B.modern C.real D.whole

  19.A.extremely B.specially C.surprisingly D.particularly

  20.A.hardly B.forever C.ever D.never




  4.由下文可知,一个警察要做很多工作,所以“a number of jobs in one”。答案为B。

  5.固定短语“on foot”。答案为A。


  7.speeding motorists是超速的机动车辆。答案为C。

  8.下文说“there is a fight”可知上文要警察维护和平。答案为A。

  9.“wait for”是等待某人,call是打电话召某人,think of是想起,expect sb to do sth是期待某人做某事。答案为D。

  10.警察面对情况是要处理的,所以要用deal with;treat是对待、治疗的意思。答案为C。11.警察处理情况也有危险威胁他们安全,所以应选safety,their own safety。答案为A。

  12.although与even if都有“虽然……但是”之意,但even if有强调之意,此处强调警察的作用。答案为D。

  13.“look for”是寻找之意,“get rid of”摆脱,question质问,sentence判处,此处是警察寻找并追捕犯罪分子。答案为C。

  14.此处问“我们将召唤谁,当一个紧急情况发生时”,选疑问代词who。答案为D。15.前文说“emergency”是紧急情况,A、B、C、D中只有a fire是紧急情况。答案为B。16.由上文可知我们面对紧急情况总是找警察,顺承下来用So表结果是。答案为D。



  19.extremely是very的意思,此处praise警察的工作是very well。答案为A。

  20.这句话否定前移,应为“I think that I could not…”A、D都是否定之意,双重否定表肯定,故排除,forever不合语境。答案为C。



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