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  Passage 3

  There was ice on the road,and the doctor's car hit a tree and turned over three times.To his surprise,he was not hurt.He got out of the car and walked to the nearest house.He wanted to telephone the garagefor help.The door was opened by one of his patients.

  "Oh,Doctor,"she said,"I have only just telephoned you.You must have a very fast car.You have got here very quickly indeed.There has been a very bad accidenton the road outside.I saw it through the window.I am sure the driver will need your help."

  1.Where was the doctor going in his car?

  A.We don't know.B.To a patient's home.

  C.To a garage.D.To his own home.

  2.Which of the following was the cause of the accident?

  A.Careless driving B.A tree had fallen across the road.

  C.A slipperyroad.D.There was a thick fog.

  3.The doctor went to the house because _______.

  A.he knew one of his patients lived there

  B.he had received a call to go there

  C.he wanted to use the telephone

  D.he was injuredand could walk no further

  4.Why did the woman patient telephone the doctor?

  A.She needed medical treatment.

  B.She believed somebody else needed a doctor.

  C.To ask how quickly the doctor could come.

  D.To ask whether the doctor was coming on his regular visit.


  ①garage n.汽车修理站②accident n.事故

  ③slippery adj.滑④injured adj.受伤

  Passage 4

  One day a poor man was cutting a big piece of wood near a river.Suddenly his old axe fell into the water.He felt very sad because he lost his only axe.Then all at once a beautiful fairycame out and asked the man what was the matter.

  "I have lost my axe,"he said."It fell into the water when I was cutting the wood."

  The fairy showed him a gold axe and asked,"Is this yours?"

  "No,"said the man.

  The fairy then showed him a silveraxe and asked again,"Is this yours?""No,"again answered the man.

  Then she showed him the old axe.

  "Yes,that is mine,"called out the happy man.

  "I know that well enough,"said the fairy."I only wanted to see if you would tell me the truth,and now I'll give you the gold axe and the silver axe besides your own one."


  1.One day when the man was cutting something,________.

  A.he fell into the water

  B.his axe dropped into the river

  C.his axe fell into a lake

  D.he saw a beautiful fairy

  2.The man was sad because _________.

  A.he was poor and had no other axes

  B.he could not go on working

  C.he liked his axe very much

  D.his axe was a gold axe

  3.The fairy gave him a gold axe and a silver axe but he didn't take them,because he ______.

  A.did not like them

  B.did not know they were made of gold and silver

  C.was very rich

  D.knew these axes were not his

  4.At the end of the story the man had ________.

  A.only one axe B.two axes

  C.three axes D.many axes

  5.The fairy helped the man because he was ________ man.

  A.an old B.a young C.a poor D.an honest.


  ①fairy n.仙女②silver adj.银制的



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