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  Passage C


  Comera is the only place in the world which has a whistle(口哨)language.①We do not know how and why it began because we do not know the complete history of the island.But we can certainly imagine the reasons for the beginning of the whistle language.There are many deep valleys(峡谷)on the island.A person on one side of a valley can not easily shout to a person on the other side.But he can whistle and be heard.Some of the best whistlers can be heard from four miles away and the record is seven miles.The people who live on the island usually have good teeth,and this helps them to whistle well.They must also have good ears so that they can hear other whistlers.

  We can understand why the whistle language continues.It is very useful on the island,and quite easy to learn.When somebody is hurt or ill,the whistle language takes the place of telephone.If the sick person is quite far away from the town,people pass the message from one to another.A boy guarding cattle(放牛)on a hillside whistles to a man fishing from his boat.The last one is able to describe the trouble fully and exactly to the doctor in town.People help one another in the same way when a car breaks or a cow is lost.

  The whistle language is hundreds of years old,and probably it will continue to live on for hundreds of years more.Radio and TV often kill the special ways of speaking in the different parts of a country.②But on Comera you are nobody if you cannot whistle.Perhaps soon after TV arrives on the island,the people there will be whistling the news and other facts and opinions.


  1.If a person on Comera island is ill,____.

  A.others will phone the doctors in town

  B.the whistle language will help pass the message to the doctor

  C.his family will take him to the hospital

  D.people will take him to town by carriage

  2.From this passage we know radio and TV ____ at that time.

  A.killed the special way of speaking

  B.whistled all the news and opinions

  C.helped Comera people to communicate

  D.did not appear on Comera island yet

  3.Comera island is special in that____.

  A.many visitors go there every year

  B.no visitors have ever been there

  C.people there have special ears to hear whistles

  D.people there use the whistle language to communicate with each other

  4.Which of the following is NOT true according to the passage?

  A.It is not easy for a person to live on Comera island if he cannot whistle.

  B.The whistle language can only be found in Comera.

  C.The whistle language has been used for hundreds of years on the island,but will not be used any longer.

  D.The record shows that one best whistler can be heard by others seven miles away.


  ①Comera is the only place in the world which has a whistle language.


  Total words:313

  Reading time:____

  Reading speed:____

  ②Radio and TV often kill the special ways of speaking in the different parts of a country.


  Passage D


  A welldressed man entered a famous jewelry(珠宝)shop one day.He 1 to buy a pearl(珍珠)for his wifes birthday.The 2 didn't matter,since business had been good for him that year.①

  After 3 a number of beautiful and expensive pearls,he chose 4 black one.It would 5 5,000 dollars.He paid,took the black pearl,shook hands with the salesman and left.

  A few days later,the man 6 and said that his wife liked the pearl so much that she wanted another one just like this.It 7 be exactly the same size and quality(质量),8 she wanted to have a 9 of earrings.

  The salesman seemed 10.Then the man suggested that the salesman advertise(登广告)in the newspaper to 11 S|25,000 for such a pearl.②So the salesman did.

  Many people 12 the advertisement(广告),but nobody 13 a pearl which was just the right size and quality.Just when the jeweler had given up,a little old lady came into his 14.She took out one such black pearl 15 her purse.

  “I don't like to 16 with the pearl,”she said sadly.“It was given to me by my mother,who had received it from her 17 mother.But I really need the 18.”

  The salesman was very glad and quickly paid her for the pearl.Then he called the 19 to tell him the good news.However,the man could never be 20.Clever readers,can you guess why?



  2.A.color B.design C.price D.size

  3.A.examining B.checking C.testing D.watching

  4.A.a big B.a good

  C.an expensive D.an unusual

  5.A.cost B.pay C.worth D.buy

  6.A.arrived B.came C.returned D.stopped

  7.A.could B.might C.should D.had to

  8.A.as B.if C.though D.when

  9.A.box B.lot C.number D.pair

  10.A.jobless B.homeless

  C.helpless D.careless

  11.A.ask B.give C.offer D.pay

  12.A.answered B.liked C.read D.saw

  13.A.bought B.had C.sold D.wanted

  14.A.room B.house C.office D.shop

  15.A.from B.of C.off D.with

  16.A.deal B.go C.part D.talk

  17.A.dear B.poor C.old D.own

  18.A.price B.money C.pound D.interest

  19.A.old ladys office B.rich mans hotel

  C.his neighbors house D.television station

  20.A.found B.bought C.paid D.heard


  ①The price didnt matter,since business had been good for him that year.


  ②Then the man suggested that the salesman advertise in the newspaper to offer S|25,000 for such a pearl.


  Passage A

  从一九八三年计算机病毒首次被确认以来,至今全世界已发现近数万种病毒。本文介绍了一种被称为Jerusalem Viruses的计算机病毒的产生背景、发作时间及其后果。


  2.C.由“just to show their intelligence”推知。



  Passage B

  本文讲述了Mr Jackson学习使用外语的幽默故事。

  1.D.从“He didnt know any other language but English.”可以看出他没学过外语。

  2.C.根据“he was often misunderstood”可知,Mr Jackson有时不能正确地和外国朋友交谈。fail to do意为“不能做某事”。


  Passage C




  3.D.Comera island之所以特殊是因为当地的人用口哨语言来互相交流。


  Passage D






  5.A.用cost或be worth来表示价格。


  7.D.此处应选had to,因为两个耳环必须得一样。


  9.D.a pair of earrings意为“一副耳环”。





  14.D.根据文章第一句中的“jewelry shop”可得答案。


  16.C.part with意为“与……分离”。



  19.B.只有hotel和这个rich man有关。


  1.To their horror,they found out that most of their stored information was got rid of by computer viruses!使他们惊恐的是,他们发现大部分储存的信息都被计算机病毒清除了。(Line 6,Passage A)

  to one's horror使某人感到恐怖的是。类似的短语还有:

  to one's joy使某人高兴的是to one's surprise使某人惊讶的是

  to one's sadness使某人悲哀的是to one's delight使某人高兴的是

  To my surprise,she was the mother of two children.


  To her parentsjoy,she won the first prize for her composition.


  2.Sometimes he had to use the body language to“talk”with them,and tried his best to make himself understood.有时他不得不使用肢体语言来和他们交谈,想方设法把自已的意思讲明白。(Line 3,Passage B)

  make himself understood让人明白。使役动词make后接动词ed形式做宾语补足语表示被动意义。类似的结构还有make oneself heard,make oneself seen等。如:

  He raised his voice to make himself heard.他提高声音以便别人能听见。

  Mary stood on her chair to make herself seen.



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