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  It was a normal summer night.humidity(潮湿)hung in the thick air.The only sound was my sister's heavy 1 from the bed next to me.

  I couldn't go to 2,partly because of my cold and partly because of my 3 for the next day.My mum had said that tomorrow was going to be a 4.

  Sweat stuck to my aching body.Finally,I gathered enough 5 to sit up.I looked out of my small window into the night.There was a big bright 6 hanging in the sky,giving off a magic glow.

  My sister turned over as though she was as light as air.Why could she sleep soundly?Why wasn't she 7 too?Did she know about tomorrow?

  I couldn't stand the 8 anymore,so I did what I always do to make myself feel better.I went to the 9 and picked up my toothbrush and toothpaste.Pouring the red paste onto the brush,I cleaned back and forth,up and down.

  Then I walked downstairs to look for some 10 of movement,some life.Gladiator,my cat,11 me as he meowed(猫叫)his sad song.He was on the old orange couch,12 on his front legs,waiting for something to happen.He looked at me as if to say,"I'm 13,pet me.I need a good hug."Even the couch begged me to sit on it.

  In one movement I settled down onto the soft couch.This couch 14 my birth,my parents'marriage,and hundreds of other little 15.

  As I held Gladiator,my heart started beating heavily.My mind was 16 with questions:What's life?Am I really alive?Are you listening to me?Every time I moved my hand down Gladiator's body,I had a 17 thought;each touch sang a different song.

  I forgot all about the 18 and the next day's surprise.The 19 was so full of warmth and silence that I sank into its arms.Falling asleep with the big cat in my arms,I felt all my worries 20 move away.

  1.A.murmuring B.breathing C.crying D.thinking

  2.A.sleep B.work C.study D.rest

  3.A.worries B.plans C.arrangements D.expectations

  4.A.surprise B.hope C.success D.failure

  5.A.energy B.ideas C.strength D.stamps

  6.A.cloud B.star C.sun D.moon

  7.A.worrying B.sweating C.sleeping D.speaking

  8.A.silence B.cold C.pressure D.pain

  9.A.bedroom B.kitchen C.bathroom D.waiting-room

  10.A.sights B.signs C.signals D.notices

  11.A.interested B.pleased C.reminded D.frightened

  12.A.standing up B.keeping up C.sitting down D.sitting up

  13.A.lonely B.lovely C.friendly D.lively

  14.A.proved B.represented C.helped D.attended

  15.A.people B.animals C.events D.pets

  16.A.flooded B.troubled C.satisfied D.knocked

  17.A.strange B.difficult C.new D.noble

  18.A.cold B.mind C.time D.heat

  19.A.family B.atmosphere C.heart D.bed

  20.A.completely B.slowly C.suddenly D.partly

  Key:1-5 BADAC 6-10 DBCCB 11-15 DDABC 16-20 ACDBB

  1、(湖南龙山皇仓中学10-11高一9月月考)One evening I was resting in a cafe.I¬36 a pair of newly bought white leather shoes,which were rather expensive.Then a boy came to me.

  He was in a(n)37 shirt,looking pale and about eleven.No sooner had I begun to speak than he opened the 38 i n his hand and took out the tools of shoe-polishing.He 39 down,took off my leather shoes,and began to shine them.教学资源网www.jb1000.com

  He was busy doing his work 40 heavy rain began to pour down.People rushed to the caféfor 41 from the rain.More and more people crowded 42 and gradually separated the boy from me.

  Hours passed,and it turned 43.I had no shoes on my feet and 44 where the boy had been.I thought he would not 45 my shoes,and I would have to go home on my bare feet.

  When it was near midnight the 46 ended,and there were fewer and fewer people in the café.The caféwas to be 47.I had to move to the door,head 48.just as I went to the gate,I 49 found that a boy of about eleven,looking very familiar,was sleeping at the 50 with his head leaning against a box and his upper body being 51.he held a package made of his shirt tightly in his arms.教学资源网www.jb1000.com

  I shook him slightly and woke him up.He 52 up and rubbed his eyes for a while before he recognized me.Then he opened the package 53,gave me my leather shoes,and apologized to me shyly.I 54 him and wrapped him with his unfit shirt,which had wrapped my leather shoes.On my way home,the 55 of the boy stayed in my mind.

  36.A.took B.wore C.mended D.owned

  37.A.old B.unfit C.small D.dirty

  38.A.bag B.package C.box D.suitcase

  39.A.seated B.bent C.put D.looked

  40.A.when B.after C.because D.since

  41.A.protection B.rest C.hide D.preparation

  42.A.out B.away C.in D.off

  43.A.dark B.light C.dim D.bright

  44.A.thought B.wondered C.guessed D.imagined

  45.A.shine B.keep C.return D.carry

  46.A.rain B.coffee C.time D.work

  47.A.opened B.locked C.stopped D.closed

  48.A.lowered B.dropped C.raised D.held

  49.A.shortly B.surprisedly C.sadly D.immediately

  50.A.table B.door C.bed D.cafe

  51.A.wet B.bare C.pale D.cold

  52.A.stayed B.sa C.jumped D.got

  53.A.finally B.suddenly C.unfriendly D.hurriedly

  54.A.recognized B.forgave C.paid D.inspired

  55.A.feature B.shirt C.image D.form

  36-40 BBCBA 41-45 ACABC 46-50 ADABB 51-55 BCDCC



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