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  In order to be a success in the American business world,you must“get along”with people.You must learn to conduct yourself in such a way _1_ you earn the affection and respect of others._2_ we have already pointed out,Americans_3_ business and pleasure.Therefore,learning how to _4_ informally can be a help with your American business _5_.Americans like to talk about a _6_of different topics—sports,politics,cars,popular movies and television shows and personal interests.Many large American cities have sports teams.If you are _7_ with Americans in the United States,it would be a good idea to _8_out about the local sports teams so that you can _9_ in the almost inevitable discussions about“how our _10_ will do this year”.Politics can be a _11_ topic unless everyone is of the same mind _12_.Limit your discussions to asking questions of your friends.Most Americans are _13_ owners and some are even obsessive about the subject.You can contribute _14_talking about cars you have owned or by _15_ information you have read in automotive magazines.Americans watch television almost every night and attend movies regularly,

  _16_ naturally television shows and the _17_ movies become topics for discussions.If you are unable to _18_ American television or attend American movies,reading the _19_ section of such magazines as Time News week will keep you up to date on _20_is popular in America.

  1.A.which B.where C.as D.that

  2.A.While B.Since C.As D.Because

  3.A.mix B.enjoy C.like D.manage

  4.A.conduct B.appear C.behave D.chat

  5.A.friends B.efforts C.contacts D.companies

  6.A.bit B.total C.group D.number

  7.A.meeting B.working C.living D.playing

  8.A.find B.learn C.go D.stay

  9.A.work B.participate C.succeed D.break

  10.A.group B.business C.company D.team

  11.A.common B.sensitive C.special.D daily

  12.A.politically B.economically C.professionally D.personally

  13.A.house B.car C.business D.land

  14.A.to B.toward C.by D.through

  15.A.collecting B.sharing C.gathering D.analyzing

  16.A.so B.therefore C.thus D.hence

  17.A.interesting B.exciting C.excellent D.latest

  18.A.witness B.look C.watch D.glance

  19.A.entertainment B.sports C.business D.movie

  20.A.which B.that C.what D.as



  2.As we have already pointed out表示:正如我们所指出的那样。as引导非限制性定语从句答案为C

  3.mix business and pleasure意思是:把工作和娱乐混在一起。答案为A。

  4.learn how to chat informally是动名词短语作主语,表示“学会如何进行非正式交谈”。答案为D。

  5.business contacts生意接触/交往。答案为C。

  6.talk about a number of different topics谈论有关许多不同的话题。答案为D。

  7.work with sb.与某人一起工作。答案为B。

  8.find out查明,弄清。答案为A。


  10.第二段第一句有Many large American cities have sports teams.答案为D。

  11.sensitive topic表示“敏感的话题”。答案为B。


  13.car owners指“拥有汽车的人”。从下一句中可得知。答案为B。


  15.share information you have read表示:把你所读到的内容或信息与他人分享。答案为B。16.so naturally表示“更不用说”。答案为A。

  17.latest movies最新上映的电影。答案为D。

  18.watch television看电视。答案为C。

  19.entertainment section表示“娱乐版”。答案为A。

  20.on what is popular in America考查介宾从句,what在从句中充当主语,表示“有关于在美国很流行的东西”。答案为C。


  You've been away from us for one year;you told us a lie which I came to know not long ago.

  On this special day for teachers across the country,I can _1_keep myself from telling your white lie to those who would lend me an ear.

  Do you still remember the happy _2_about six years ago?We fixed our eyes upon you at your _3_.You,a beautiful young lady,_4_ us that you would live in our village.

  Soon after,we began to find you were part of your students and their simple honest parents.The villagers found their children _5_more time on their books _6_ after doing their homework and housework.Yet they still _7_ that one day you might leave.You _8_a smile all the time,which reduced to some degree their_9_ of your leaving.You went all out in the _10_ of your students,helping them not only in their studies but also in their tuition(学费).You often emphasized to us the _11_ of one's life,so that must have been what you were _12_ in those five years!

  One cold morning when class began,you entered the room _13_ you had been crying _14_.In your class,we _15_ but looked away from your eyes.You _16_for some time as if you were _17_to find this right word…you said you would go away and would never be back to teach because your boyfriend wanted you more…

  On the following morning,we _18_ you the very best and the villagers gave you their _19_The train took you away and your broken _20_The other day I happened to hear my parents chatting that you had lung cancer and left the world soon after you waved goodbye.

  1.A.forever B.seldom C.hardly D.soon

  2.A.scene B.condition C.sign D.sight

  3.A.report B.arrival C.explanation D.speech

  4.A.promised B.answered C.permitted D.agreed

  5.A.shared B.spent C.paid D.devoted

  6.A.even B.ever C.soon D.still

  7.A.considered B.feared C.supposed D.doubted

  8.A.wore B.pretended C.gained D.presented

  9.A.pule B.trouble C.question D.fear

  10.A.teaching B.middle C.course D.field

  11.A.way B.wealth C.value D.cost

  12.A.after B.for C.with D.against

  13.A.as if B.because C.even though D.before

  14.A.happily B.bitterly C.anxiously D.angrily

  15.A.listened B.talked C.discussed D.studied

  16.A.explained B.stopped C.talked D.spoke

  17.A.thinking B.worrying C.crying D.trying

  18.A.hoped B expected C.wished D.brought

  19.A.thanks B.satisfactions C.expressions D.rewards

  20.A.boy B.class C.heart D.memory


  1.hardly=almost not,这里指作者情难自抑,要告诉人们一个白色的谎言。答案为C。









  10.go all out in sth.指在某一个方面全力以赴。显然这里指在教育孩子们方面。答案为A。

  11.value of one's life意思为“人生的价值”。答案为C。

  12.be after意思为“追求”。这句话的意思是:因此那(人生的价值)一定就是你在那五年中所追求的东西。答案为A。






  18.习惯用语wish sb.the very best意思为“祝愿某人万事如意”。答案为C。





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