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  In Britain,people have different attitudes to the police.Most people generally _1_them and the job they do—although there are certain people who do not believe that the police _2_have the power that they do.

  What does a policeman actually do?It is not _3_job to describe.After all,a policeman has a number of jobs in _4_.A policeman often has to control traffic,either _5_ foot in the centre of a town,or in a police car on the roads.Indeed,in Britain,he might be in the Traffic Police and spend all,or a lot of,his time _6_up and down main roads and motorways.A traffic policeman has to help keep the traffic moving,stop _7_motorists and help when there is an accident.

  A policeman has to help keep the _8_,too.If there is a fight or some other disturbance,we _9_ the police to come and restore order.And they often have to _10_ situation at great risk to their own _11_.

  We expect the police to solve crimes,of course,so an ordinary policeman,_12_ he is not a detective(侦探),will often have to help_13_and arrest criminals.

  And _14_ do we call when there is an emergency—an air crash,a_15_,a road accident,or a robbery?We call the police._16_a policeman has to be _17_to face any unpleasant emergency that may happen in the _18_ world.

  The police do an absolutely necessary job,they do it _19_ well and I support them,but I do not envy policemen.I do not think that I could _20_ do the job of a policeman.

  1.A.dislike B.join C.appreciate D.admire

  2.A.should B.would C.could D.must

  3.A.a funny B.a pleasant C.an interesting D.an easy

  4.A.it B.one C.his D.them

  5A.on B.by C.under D.with

  6.A.walking B.driving C.wandering D.searching

  7.A.resting B.tired C.speeding D.drunken

  8.A.peace B.silence C.situation D.condition

  9.A.wait for B.call C.think of D.expect

  10.A.turn to B.avoid C.deal with D.treat

  11.A.safety B.families C.future D.friends

  12.A.although B.as if C.however D.even if

  13.A.get rid of B.question C.look for D.sentence

  14.A.how B.where C.what D.who

  15.A.power failure B.fire C.thunder storm D.thief

  16.A.Yet B.Then C.As D.So

  17.A.provided B.promised C.prepared D.presented

  18.A.future B.modern C.real D.whole

  19.A.extremely B.specially C.surprisingly D.particularly

  20.A.hardly B.forever C.ever D.never




  4.由下文可知,一个警察要做很多工作,所以“a number of jobs in one”。答案为B。

  5.固定短语“on foot”。答案为A。


  7.speeding motorists是超速的机动车辆。答案为C。

  8.下文说“there is a fight”可知上文要警察维护和平。答案为A。

  9.“wait for”是等待某人,call是打电话召某人,think of是想起,expect sb to do sth是期待某人做某事。答案为D。

  10.警察面对情况是要处理的,所以要用deal with;treat是对待、治疗的意思。答案为C。11.警察处理情况也有危险威胁他们安全,所以应选safety,their own safety。答案为A。

  12.although与even if都有“虽然……但是”之意,但even if有强调之意,此处强调警察的作用。答案为D。

  13.“look for”是寻找之意,“get rid of”摆脱,question质问,sentence判处,此处是警察寻找并追捕犯罪分子。答案为C。


  15.前文说“emergency”是紧急情况,A、B、C、D中只有a fire是紧急情况。答案为B。16.由上文可知我们面对紧急情况总是找警察,顺承下来用So表结果是。答案为D。



  19.extremely是very的意思,此处praise警察的工作是very well。答案为A。

  20.这句话否定前移,应为“I think that I could not…”A、D都是否定之意,双重否定表肯定,故排除,forever不合语境。答案为C。


  A high school history teacher once told us,“If you make one close friend in school,you will be most fortunate.A true friend is someone who stays with you for life."_1_ teaches that he was right.Good friendship is just not easily _2_.

  It is possible that we simply do not stay in one place long enough food _3_friendship to _4_.However,there can be_5_disagreement on the need for each of us to think carefully about the kind of friendship we want.

  To most of us,friendships are considered very important,but we need to have clear in our _6_ the kinds of friendship we want.Are they to be close or _7_ at arm's length?Do we want to _8_ourselves or do we want to walk on the surface?For some people,many friendships on the surface are _9_enough—and that's all right.But at some point we need to 10 that our expectations are the same as our friends'expectations.The sharing of_11_experience _12_ our tears as well as our dark dreams is the surest way to deepen friendships.But it _13_be undertaken(进行)slowly and carried on only if there are _14_of interest and action in return.

  What are some of the _15_of friendship?The greatest is the attraction to expect too much too soon.Deep relationships _16_time.Another“major difficulty"is the selfishness to think one“possesses"the other,including his time and attention.Similarly,friendships _17_ actions in return.In 18words,you must give as much as you take.Finally there is a question of taking care of.Unless you spend _19_time together,talking on the phone,writing letters,doing things together,friendships will die _20_

  1.A.Knowledge B.Teachers C.Experience D.Parents

  2.A.understood B.formed C.realized D.produced

  3.A.true B.common C.deeply D.actual

  4.A.design B.intend C.develop D.appear

  5.A.no B.some C.any D.none

  6.A.hearts B.thoughts C.actions D.minds

  7.A.remained B.left C.kept D.stayed

  8.A.own B.owe C.share D.spare

  9.A.that B.very C.quite D.not

  10.A.make sure B.remember C.expect D.check out

  11.A.social B.ordinary C.good D.personal

  12.A.includes B.to include C.including D.included

  13.A.can B.need C.will D.must

  14.A.marks B.sights C.scenes D.signs

  15.A.difficulties B.differences C.advantages D.things

  16.A.cost B.spend C.ask D.take

  17.A.require B.request C.depend D.suggest

  18.A.some B.many C.other D.different

  19.A.reasonable B.comfortable C.less D.a lot

  20.A.for B.away C.out D.from



  2.好的友谊应该用形成,而不说understood理解;realized实现,produced产生。答案为B。3.通过比较四个选项,C副词首先排除,而B、D common普通的,actual实际上的;没有A项true真正的好。答案为A。

  4.这句话意思是我们的确不会在一个地方呆的时间长到能够让真正的友谊得到发展,这是可能的,故选develop“发展”,而appear“出现”,虽然意思能够说通,但句子结构不对,不能说for true friendship to appear。答案为C。

  5.no disagreement没有异议,根据句意可判断应选全否定的词,而none后边不能直接接名词,答案为A。

  6.in our minds固定搭配,在我们的思维意识中,而不用thoughts或hearts。答案为D。

  7.kept at arm's length“保持一臂的距离”,意思是不能发展成为亲密的朋友,而remained和stayed虽然也可表达这种意思,但没有这种用法。答案为C。

  8.根据“或是我们想走一下表面形式”,可判断前面表达相反意思,而是share ourselves彼此同甘共苦。答案为C。

  9.根据上下文,这句话表达的意思是:对于某些人,很多友谊保持在表面上就足够了。足够了用quite enough,而没有very enough的用法。答案为C。

  10.根据句意应用make sure确保。答案为A。


  12.此处include our tears as well as our dreams作定语修饰前面的experience,而experience和include是逻辑主谓关系,故用现在分词including的形式修饰。答案为C。





  18.In other words固定表达,意思是换句话说。答案为C。


  20.考查词组意义辨析。die away(灯光,声音,友谊等)渐弱,消失;die out物种灭绝;die from死于……。答案为B。



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