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  Once there lived a rich man 31 wanted to do something for the people of his town.32 first he wanted to find out whether they deserved his help.

  In the centre of the main road into the town,he placed 33 very large stone.Then he 34(hide)behind a tree and waited.Soon an old man came along with his cow.

  “Who put this stone in the centre of the road?”said the old man,but he did not try to remove the stone.Instead,with some difficulty he passed around the stone and continued on his way.35 man came along and did the same thing;then another came,and another.All of them complained about the stone but not tried to remove 36.Late in the afternoon a young man came along.He saw the stone,37(say)to himself:“The night 38(be)very dark.Some neighbors will come along later in the dark and will fall against the stone.”

  Then he began to move the stone.He pushed and pulled with all his 39(strong)to move it.How great was his surprise at last!40 the stone,he found a bag of money.

  31.who 32.But 33.a 34.hid 35.Another 36.it 37.saying 38.will be 39.strength 40.Under

  The Internet is an amazing information resource.Students,teachers,and researchers use it as __31_ investigative tool.Journalists use it to find information for stories.Doctors use it to learn more about unfamiliar diseases and the 32_(late)medical development.Ordinary people use it for shopping,banking,bill-paying,and communicating with family and friends.People all over the world use it to connect with individuals from _33 countries and cultures.However,__34____there are many positive developments __35__(associate)with the Internet,there are also certain fears and concerns.__36___ concern relates to a lack of control over__37__ appears on the Internet.With television and radio there are editors to check the accuracy or appropriateness of the content of programs,and with television there are 38(restrict)on what kinds of programs can __39__(broadcast)and at what times of the day.With the Internet,parents cannot check a published guide to determine what is suitable __40____ their children to see.

  31.an 32.latest 33.other/different 34.while 35.associated

  36.One 37.what 38.restrictions 39.be broadcast(ed)40.for

  Crying marriage?31(surprise),isn’t it?Factually,the custom of crying marriage existed a long time ago in many areas of Southwest China’s Sichuan Province,and 32(remain)in fashion 33 the end of the Qing Dynasty.Though not so popular as before,the custom is still observed by people in many places,especially Tujia people,who view it as a 34(necessary)to marriage procedure.

  It is very much 35 same in different places of the province.According to elderly people,every bride had to cry at the wedding.36,the bride’s neighbors would look down upon 37 as a poorly cultivated girl and she would become the laughingstock of the village.In fact,there were cases 38 which the bride was beaten by her mother for not crying at the wedding ceremony.

  In a word,crying at wedding is a 39 by custom to set off the happiness of the wedding through falsely sorrowful words.However,in the 40(arrange)marriages of the old days of China,there were indeed quite a lot of brides who cried over their unsatisfactory marriage and even their miserable life.

  31.Surprising 32.remained 33.until/till 34.necessity 35.the

  36.Otherwise 37.her 38.in 39.way/means 40.arranged

  In my free time,I really like surfing the Internet.When I get home from work,I turn on my computer,wait __31____it boots up completely,and then I go online.I usually check my email first and then write a few messages __32____ family and friends.I sometimes scan the local news headlines at ___33___ favorite news Website and read up on the latest local and international news.This Website often provides video news clips____34___ you can view online.I sometimes order products or service online to save money and time instead of going to a store and__35____(buy)what I'm looking for.For example,I ___36____(order)a digital camera online the other day and saved about$50.Whatever I do,I realize that there are problems__37_____ using the Internet including scams,identify theft,and viruses,so I'm very careful not to give out my ____38_____(person)information.Furthermore,I don't download or open files I don't recognize.Using the Internet can be fun and__39____ convenient way of shopping and finding out new information,_____40___ you just need to be careful

  31 until/till 32.to 33.my 34 that/which 35.buying



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