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  31 is possible that we simply do not stay in one place for a true friendship to develop.However,there can be no disagreement on the need for each of us 32(think)carefully about the kind of friendships we want.

  To most of us,friendships are considered 33(importance),but need to have clear in our own minds 34 kinds of friendships we want.Are they to be close or 35(keep)at arm’s length?Do we want to share ourselves or do we want to walk on the surface?For some people,many friendships on the surface are quite enough—and that’s all right.But at some point we need to make sure that our expectations are the same as our 36(friend)expectations.If one wants more from the friendship than the other,37 if this is not talked about,one is likely at last to fell that he’s holding the short end of the stick.The sharing of personal experience 38(include)our tears as well as our dark dreams 39(be)the surest way to deepen friendships.But it must be undertaken slowly and carried on only if there signs of interest and action 40 return.


  31.It 32.to think 33.important 34.the 35.kept 36.friends’37.and 38.including 39.is 40.in

  Many teachers believe that the responsibilities for learning lie with the student.31_____ a long reading assignment is given,instructors expect students to be familiar with 32_____(inform)in the reading even if they do not discuss it in class or take an examination.The ideal student is considered to be one who is motivated to learn for the sake of learning,not the one interested only in getting high grades.Sometimes homework is returned 33_____ brief written comments but without a grade.Even if a grade is not given,the student is 34_________(responsibility)for learning the material assigned.When research 35______(assign),the professor expects the student to take it actively and to complete it with minimum guidance.It is the student's responsibility to find books,magazines,and articles in the library.Professors do not have the time to explain 36_____ a university library works;they expect students,37______(special)graduate students,to be able to exhaust the reference origins in the library.Professors will help students who need it,but prefer that their students should not be too dependent on them.In the United States,professors have many other duties 38 ______ teaching,such as administrative or research work.Therefore,the time 39______ a professor can spend with a student outside of class 40______(limit).If a student has problems with classroom work,the student should either approach a professor during office hours or make an appointment.

  31.If/When 32.information 33.with 34.responsible 35.is assigned 36.how

  37.particularly/especially 38.besides 39.which/that 40.is limited

  This is a true story which happened in the States.A man came out of his home to admire his new truck.To his 31(puzzle),his three-year-old son was 32(happy)hammering dents(凹痕)into the shiny paint of the truck.The man ran to his son,knocked him away,hammered the little boy's hands into pulp(果浆汁)as 33(punish).When the father calmed down,he rushed his son to the hospital.

  34 the doctor tried desperately to save the crushed bones,he finally had to cut the fingers from boththe boy's hands.When the boy 35(wake)up from the operation and saw his bandaged stubs,he innocently said,“Daddy,I'm sorry about your truck.”Then he asked,“36 when are my fingers going to grow back?”

  The father went home and committed suicide.

  Think about this story 37 next time someone steps on your feet or you wish to take revenge.Think first 38 you lose your patience with someone you love.Trucks can 39(repair).Broken bones and hurt feelings often can't.Too often we fail to recognize the difference between the person and the performance.We forget that forgiveness is 40(great)than revenge.

  People make mistakes.We are allowed to make mistakes.But the actions we take while in a rage will impress us forever.

  31.puzzlement 32.happily 33.punishment 34.Although/Though

  35.woke 36.but 37.the 38.before 39.be repaired 40.greater



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