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  just now,i entered the website“topic for today”.i feel 1(interest)in the report on middle school students’using cell-phones on campus.in fact,more students now come to school 2 cell-phones.my schoolmates have different opinions.some think 3 is convenient to get in touch with others with the cell-phone,which also makes you feel safe especially in time of trouble.4,it is nice to enjoy various functions of different cell-phones.5 think differently.first,the cell-phone is not 6 must in school,as 7 are some ic phones there,8(make)it easy to call others.second,many students often play e-games and send e-massages with their cell-phones,even in class,9 will surely have bad effects on their study.what’s more,it will result _____ a great waste of time and money.in my opinion,the cell-phone is a useful tool in our daily life.but it doesn’t mean we can use freely in school.


  a few years ago,sars broke____1____ in the mainland of china,causing some people _____2_____(kill)or nearly got close to death.the situation was so severe that there was_____3___ time to debate who is to blame.the most important thing for the government to do is to find out the cause of this ______4____(dead)disease.they invited all the most _____5______(experience)experts in this field to discuss and quite a few suggestions were put forward.some of the top experts then tested them to see whether they were _____6____(avail).doctor zhong nanshan chose one patient who was seriously ill and had little hope_____7____ picking up and had the new medicine tested on him._____8_____ his great joy,this patient recovered!he made his way to his office and telephoned the top official,_____9____(tell)him this exciting news.for convenience,he moved to live in his office.his method did make sense.not soon after that,the ____10____ hospitals also controlled this terrible disease and kicked it out finally.


  it is commonly believed that school is 1 people go to get education.however,it has been said that today children interrupt their education to go to school.the difference 2 schooling and education suggested by this is important.

  education is endless,3(compare)with schooling.it can take place anywhere.it includes both the standard learning that takes place in schools and 4_ whole universe of learning out of class.though the experience of schooling can be known in 5(advanced),education quite often produces surprises.a chance talk with a 6(foreign)may lead a person to discovering how little he knows of another country.people obtain education from babies on.education,then,is a very broad and 7(limit)term.it is lifelong experience that starts long before the start of school.

  schooling,8 the other hand,is a basic experience,9 style changes little from one way to the next.throughout a country,children arrive at school at the same time,take 10(fix)seats,use similar textbooks,do homework,take exams and so on.schooling has usually been limited by the edges of the subjects being taught.


  in north america people are always in ____1____ hurry.children have special lessons or sports activities _____2_____ school.parents often work late and ______3_____ get home until 7 or 8 o’clock at night.most north american families don’t have time to prepare a meal.that is ______4_____ fast food is so popular in north america.people spend about 40%of their dollars __5__ fast food.

  people usually buy fast food from restaurant chains such as pizza hut,mcdonald’s,or kfc,_____6____ they can enjoy pizza,sandwiches,fried chicken,and so on.fast food saves work and time,but it is not ______7_____(nutrition).

  fast food is popular in many countries.american fast-food companies now have restaurants all over the world.but not _____8_____ is happy about the spread of north american fast food.a group of people in italy want to fight _____9____ the spread of american fast food.they don’t like the idea of more fast food chains ______10______(open)restaurants in their country.


  i’m 1 only daughter of my parents.so they are worried 2 everything i do.for example,3 i ride my bike,my parents won’t let me 4(ride)by myself.they are afraid i might fall off my bike and hurt 5.they are taking great trouble to support the bike,with my mother even 6(carry)a first-aid box.i’m not free to ride and i often say 7(angry),“why not let me ride alone?”

  now,most families have one child.parents want to do everything for their children.this does no good 8 them.too much love from parents may prevent children from 9(be)independent.in my opinion,parents should let their children do____10___they should do alone.


  yesterday afternoon i went to the south lake park.it happened that i saw 1_ touching event.at that time,some people were boating on the lake.2 them was a happy family.they were taking photos 3 suddenly the girl fell 4 the boat into the water.she was struggling and her parents cried out,“help!help!”it was 5(evidence)that they could not swim at all.from nearby a young man immediately rushed to the lake.without taking off his clothes,he jumped into the water and quickly swam 6 the girl,7 was already tired out.at last he carried 8 to the bank.she was saved!

  how happy and grateful the parents were!9,when they thought of expressing their thankfulness,the young man 10(disappear).


  we high school students do have some growing pains,but we can get rid of them correctly and wisely.1,some of us are upset 2 their body styles and looks.it’s unnecessary and it’s not important at all.we needn’t care about it.it is one’s inner beauty 3 matters.second,we sometimes seem to be misunderstood 4 our teachers,parents and classmates.5(face)with this,we can find a proper time to have a heart-to-heart talk with them,trying to remove the 6(understand).some of us have fewer friends.i think being open-minded and friendly will do you good.third,we may fall behind others,7__makes us stressed.actually we can encourage 8 to work efficiently,full of_____9____(determine).at last,some of us don’t have much pocket money,so they feel unhappy.isn’t it strange?so long as we have some,that’s enough.and we can learn 10 to spend money.

  (6)1.interested 2.with 3.it 4.besides 5.others 6.a 7.there

  8.making 9.which 10.in

  (7)1.out 2.to be killed 3.no 4.deadly 5.experienced 6.available 7.of 8.to 9.telling 10.other

  (8)1.where 2.between 3.compared 4.the 5.advance 6.foreigner

  7.unlimited 8.on 9.whose 10.fixed

  (9)1.a 2.after 3.don’t 4.why 5.on 6.where 7.nutritious

  8.everyone/everybody 9.against 10.opening

  (10)1.the 2.about 3.when 4.ride 5.myself 6.carrying 7.angrily

  8.to 9.being 10.what

  (11)1.a 2.among 3.when 4.off 5.evident 6.towards 7.who 8.her

  9.however 10.had disappeared

  (12)1.first 2.about 3.that 4.by 5.faced 6.misunderstanding 7.which 8.ourselves 9.determination 10.how



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