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  Unit1 Friendship重点短语:1.Add up和add up to的区别2.Have got to=have to 3.Calm(sb.)down(sb.)使..镇定4.Be concerned about=care about 5.Ignore=take no notice of 6.go through经历,经受7.Walk the dog 8.A series of一连串的,一系列的9.at the point of就要„了10.Take the final-term exam 11.hide away 12.To do with:与„有关13.on purpose(to do)14.Stay awake 15.in order to 16.At dusk 17.face to face 18.Happen to 19.hold/have sb.In one’s power 20.Not…any loger=no longer 21.Suffer from 22.Recover from 23.Draw the curtains 24.Have trouble/difficulty with sth 25.fall in love 26.Get along(well/badly/nicely)with sb 27.pack(sth.)up 28.Join in=take part in=participate in 29.ask sb.for advice 30.Make a list of 31.communicate with重点句型1.The reason for(doing)sth./why„is that„。。。的理由(原因)是。。。friends are important to you.(列出为什么朋友对你很重要的原因清单)(Make a list of reasons why)2.There is a time when„曾经有一段时间„.3.It was the first time that„第一次做„(从句用完成时)It was the first time I could(这是我有生以来第一次面对面看Anne Hathaway)4.Find it+形+to do sth.发现做„很„5.With+复合宾语(做条件,原因,方式和伴随等状语)Mother asked her whether/if she was tired.(妈妈问她手里拿这么多书累不累)(with so many books in her arms)功能英语:Agreement:同意I agree yes,I think so.So do I.Exactly.No problem.Sure Certainly Of course All right You’re right.Good idea I think that’s a good idea.Can’t agree more Disagreement:不同意I don’t think so Neither do I.That’s not right.

  Yes,but„.I’m afraid not.I’m sorry,but I can’t agree.Unit 2 English around the world重点短语:1.More than:多于;不仅仅;不足以;很非常2.Because of:3.Native English speaker 4.Even if:5.come up:走进,上来,提出6.In the early days 7.such as 8.At present 9.Be based on 10.Take„with„随身带着„.11.Former„.later„.12.Make use of=take advantage of 13.a large number of;the number of 14.Make sense(of)15.without a second thought 16.Hold on 17.play a part in(doing)18.Neighboring towns 19.African American 20.Believe it or not 21.pay attention to 22.I can’t catch/follow you重点句型1.Even if/though引导让步状语从句2.They can understand each other 3.As we know引导的为限定性定语从句4.As we know,British English is little different from American English.3.The way in which/that(引导的方式状语从句)The time you spend on this math problem depends on the way(that/in which)you take.Unit 3 Travel Journey重点短语1.Take advantage of 2.Prefer„to„3.ever since 4.Dream about(doing)5.Persuade sb.to do sth.6.Be found of 7.The best way of doing/to do….8.Insist sth/doing sth.9.Care about 10.Be determined to do 11.Change one’s mind 12.Make up one’s mind 13.Give in 14.Make camp 15.put up tent 16.Can’t wait/can hardly wait to do 17.setting sun 18.Leave behind重点句型1.It is/was„that/who„强调句型My sister saved that little boy in the river.(强调主语,宾语,状语)2.Insist that„引导的宾语从句内容如果是非真实的,需要用到虚拟语气,should可以省略3.表示去留的动词如:go,leave,arrive,come,stay等词用现在进行时表将来的时态I’m coming.When are you leaving?

  5.Ever since引导的短语或从句是做状语,那么从句用完成时。Unit 4 Earthquake重点短语:1.Right away 2.Burst out doing/into+N 3.as usual 4.Think little of 5.as if 6.At an end 7.two thirds 8.Rivers of dirt 9.Be shocked at 10.In ruins 11.Blow away 12.Be trapped in 13.Rescue worker 14.Dig out 15.take shelter from躲避16.Judging from 17.in honor of 18.Within one’s reach„.够得着19.Raise money 20.Disaster-hit area重点句型:1.Too„to„2.It seems/seemed as if„.好像It seemed as if the world was at an end.3.部分否定4.Have+宾语+do/doing/done Have sb do:让某人做„He had me stayed here to help him.Have sb.doing:让某人一直做„;容忍某人做„They have writing without rest for 5h.(had him writing)他们一直让他不停歇的写了5个小时Have sb./sth.Done:让„被„;让(别人)做„;使„被„when can you(完成你的工作)have your work finished语法重点:1.虚拟语气(对现在,过去,将来虚拟的时候,主从句的时态分别是什么)2.定语从句(引导词有哪些?which和that的区别?定从的结构)功能英语:1.Talking about your experiences It was terrible when„It seemed as if I remember…I felt….Not long after that…Luckily,…2.Expressing thanks I would like to express my thanks to….I’d also lie to thank….Here,I wish to express my thanks for the great afforts….No words are strong enough to express our„Unit 5 Nelson Mandela—a modern hero重点短语:1.Mean to do/doing区别2.Fight for/with/against 3.Devote one’s life to doing„4.Under one’s guidance of..5.be generous with 6.School fees 7.Bus fare 8.Out of work 9.Break law 10.Answer violence with violence 11.as a matter of fact…12.Blow up 13.Put sb.into prison 14.Achieve/realize one’s dream 15.Turn to 16.Be in trouble 17.Lost heart 18.Come to power 19.Be sentenced to 20.Better educated 21.Beg for food 22.Set up重点句型1.疑问词+to do He taught how to solve problems.(何如解决问题)2.“Only+状语”放句首时,用部分倒装。Only in this way you can succeed.(你才能成功)3.The first time that+从句I was quite excited the first time that I talked with Jennifer Lopz face to face.重点语法定语从句(以when,where,why,介词+which引导的定语从句)在reading中找出相对应的定语从句,并牢记



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