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高一Unit 1 Cultural relics Period 1 (人教新课标)

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Unit 1 Cultural relics (人教新课标)

Period 1

Teaching & learning contents

: Warming up, Pre-reading, & Extensive reading of the text.

Teaching & learning goals


1. Introduce and talk about some basic knowledge about cultural relics.

2. Read the text, summarise the main idea of each paragraph by answers the questions. Try to understand the text by grasping the structure and organization of the text.

3. Do some of the reading comprehension exercises.

Main points

: The reading comprehension of the text.

Difficult points

: Reading and reading comprehension of the text.

Class type

: Warming up and Fast Reading

Teaching & learning procedures:

Step 1 Lead-in

Introduce the topic of this unit and get the Ss to know the new words: cultural, relic.

Step 2 Warming up

Task 1: Teacher shows some pictures of cultural relics and then asks the Ss to work in pairs or in groups to talk about the three given questions.

Task 2: Give a report and share their ideas. (And then the teacher gives the suggested answers.)

Suggested answers:

1) A cultural relic is something that has survived for a long time, often a part of something old that has remained when the rest of it has been destroyed; it tells people about the past.

And the correct definition should include: * that it is any object, building or item that was made something in the past. It maybe many thousands of years old or it may be a few hundred; * that it may or may not be valuable; * that it tells us something of the way people lived at the time it was made. This may be because of its method of manufacture or how the item was used.

2) A correct answer should include the following information: * that it does not need to be rare or valuable; that it is enough to have survived a long time.

3) That it can be a building, object or item.


1. cultural adj.文化的  culture n.

2. relic n.遗物, 遗迹, 废墟, 纪念物

3. rare adj.

稀罕的, 杰出的, 珍贵的

eg. a rare sense of honor

不寻常的荣誉感  a rare friend. 极好的朋友

It”s very rare for her to arrive late.

This is a rare book.

4. valuable adj.

贵重的, 有价值的, 颇有价值的

eg. a valuable diamond  

贵重的宝  valuable information重大的消息

valuable advice

重要的建议    a valuable friend令人钦佩的朋

5. survive vi.

幸存,幸存, 生还 ,比…活得长 vt.从…中逃生, 经历…后继续存在

survivor n.


eg. The custom has survived for thousands of years.

Only two people survived the fire.

Two-thirds of the people survived the earthquake.


, 三分之二的人活了下来.

6. vase n.


7. dynasty n.


Step 3 Pre-reading

Task 1 Ss ask each other if they know something about amber. If they know, share the information with the class. If they don”t know, they teacher may show pictures of ambers and give some explanation.

Amber is actually the fossilized sap or liquid from pine trees. If circumstances are right the sap will finally become hard and turned into the resin (树脂) that we know today. If it has come into contact with insects when still in its liquid and become part of the amberso real amber should/may contain some evidence of insect life.



Task 2 Look at the title and the picture of the reading passage and predict what it is about.

Possible answers: (collect answers from the Ss)

What is the Amber Room?

Why was it called the Amber Room?

What was it made for?

What happened to it?

Why to search for it?

Step 3 Fast Reading

Task 1 Scan the text as quickly as possible to see if their prediction is right and answer the five questions to summarize the main idea of the five paragraphs. At the same time ask themselves when, where, who, what, why—questions.


P1: How was the Amber Room made?

P2: Why did the King of Prussia give the Amber room to the Czar of Russia as a gift?

P3: How did the Amber Room become one of the wonders of the world?

P4: How did the Amber Room get lost?

P5: How was a new Amber Room built?

Task 2 Read the text more carefully, join the correct parts of the sentences together in Exercise 1 in Comprehending and put the following sentences in order to have a clear idea of the development of the story. (Ask the Ss to pay attention to the way writer tells the story.)

1) ____Fredrick William  gave the Amber Room to Peter the Great as a gift.

2) ____The Czar gave Fredrick William  his best soldiers.

3) ____The Amber Room was made for Fredrick .

4) ____The Russians removed art objects from the Amber Room.

5) ____More details were added to the room”s design.

6) ____The Amber Room was taken apart(

拆除)and moved away.

7) ____A New Amber Room was built.

8) ____Catherine  moved the Amber Room to the palace outside St Petersburg.

Answers to the Exercise 1 in Comprehending:

1 C   2 E   3 B   4 D   5 A   6 F

The right order of the above sentences:

2 3 1 6 5 7 8 4

Task 3 Do more comprehending exercise to gain more detailed information and understand the text better.

1) Close test.


The Amber Room

time spent

A team of artists spent ten years making it.


7,000 tons of amber were used for making it, with gold and jewels.


It was made not to be a gift , but for the Palace of Frederick I.


It was sent to Russian people. After Frederick William I succeeded his father and became the King of Prussia; soon it became part of the Czar”s winter palace; it was one of the great wonders of the world; in 941, it was stolen by the Nazis. Now a new Amber Room has been built in Russia and it looks much like the old one, following the old photos.

2) List the places and events to show the remove of the Amber Room.

Prussia---Russia---the winter palace in St Petersburg---the summer palace in St Petersburg----

German city on the Baltic Sea---?

built---gave to sb as a gift---added to more details---stolen---lost---rebuilt

Step 4 Listening & Retelling

Task1 Listen to the tape of the text to get a better understanding of the text.

Task 2 Try to retell the text according the form above.


1. Listen to the tape and read the text.

2. Find out the new words and language points in the text.

3. Think about the question in Exercise 3 in Comprehending.










Unit 1 Cultural relics

Period 1 (人教新课标)






Unit 1 Cultural relics

Period 1 (人教新课标)













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