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. 议论文(argumentative passage )概念












观点正确, 2.认真概括,3.见解新鲜,4.有实际意义5.恰当地综合运用各种表达方式。


论据的基本要求:1.真实可靠 2. 充分典型


论证的基本要求:1.推理必须合乎逻辑, 2. 论证要讲究顺序 3. 论证要符合正确的推理性式。




. 议论文写作方式分别有以下几种形式

1. 比较性议论文:比较性议论文用于在两种或两种以上的事物或观点之间作出比较时,一定要找出它们的异同点,在对两事物进行比较和对照之后,要明确提出自己的见解或认识。

1Chinese traditional music versus Chinese Modern music

Both traditional music and modern music are popular now, but there are still some differences between them. Traditional music stands for a country”s culture, which represents national features, while modern music stands for a period.

Traditional music”s melody is different from modern music”s melody

. Traditional music”s melody is always gentle, graceful and lyric. But the modern music”s melody is cheerful and fast because of the quick pace in modern life.

The contents between the traditional music and the modern music are different.

The traditional music often describes a fairy tale, love. For example, everybody knows the classical music “Er Quan Yin Yue”. But the modern music always talks about love, money and all kinds of people”s feelings.

The musical instruments to play the music are also different.

The musical instruments of the traditional music are Pipa, dulcimer, bamboo flute and so on, which come from tool in daily life. These instruments make people feel comfortable and quiet. The musical instruments of the modern music are violin, piano and some electrical equipment, which are from western countries. They make people excited, cool and happy.

I think people who like modern music are far more than those who like traditional music nowadays

. Maybe this is the trend of developing in modern world. They are all important in our life. Let”s enjoy both traditional music and modern music.

此篇作文比较现代音乐与传统音乐的差异,在文章第一段划线部分作者已明确点明主题。第二段,第三段,第四段分别从音乐的旋律,内容,乐器进行不同比较,每段都有明确的主题并能基本围绕主题句进行议论,因此达到说服力较强的效果. 目的明确的比较了它们之间的差异。文章结构组织安排合理,层次明朗,语言也较流畅。但局部比较有点牵强附会,如第三段有点狭义。文章第一段写的比较成功,分别用了 stand for, represent”,不同的词却表示了同一意思并用“while”过渡。




驳斥性议论文 pro-and-con essay )。 驳斥性议论文主要就有争议的观点发表自己的议论。在写此类作文时,要注意从正反两个方面对这些具有争议的观点进行分析,然后再明确地提出自己的观点。


2. Is TV a good thing?

I don”t think TV is a good thing. It has a lot of disadvantages.提出中心论点)

First of all, watching TV is a waste of time. People often spend much of their spare time on TV. Also, TV makes people lazy and become fat. They don”t have to use their head when watching TV and they seldom go out to have sports. Finally, some programs are harmful to children. They are often full of violence and sex.


Someone thinks that watching TV can get some knowledge. But we will learn more if we use this time to read.


In conclusion, TV plays a negative part in our life. People should turn their TV off.







3. The value of time



时间就是金钱(Time is precious


浪费时间是有害的(Waste of time can mean disasters


应充分利用时间做有益的事(We should devoted most of our time to useful activities

Time is precious. A famous Chinese saying goes like this: “A second of time can not be bought with an ounce of gold.” Time is so valuable that nothing can buy it. The lost time will never come back. Therefore, we should value time.

Waste of time can mean disasters. Many people have been wasting their time all the time. Some high school students squander almost all their time watching T V, playing video games, singing pop songs, idolizing pop stars, and so on. As a result, they fail to pass the university entrance examinations or the job interview.

We should devote most of our time to useful activities. For example, students can use the early morning for physical exercise or read English in campus instead o flying in bed, looking at the ceiling. In the classroom we should concentration what the teacher presents and take quick notes. Concentration in class can save a lot of time after class. In short, if we spend our time wisely, we shall benefit a great deal.


有时为了使自己的观点更有说服力,可以运用名人或谚语文章第一段就运用“A second of time can not be bought with an ounce of gold.”,因此同学们在平时的学习积累过程中多背一些有关生活, 学习,健康等名人之言。


. 用于比较性和驳斥性议论文常用句型

1. The advantages of A are much greater than A.

2. Wonderful as A is, however, it has its own disadvantages too.

3. Contrary to widely accepted views, I believe..

4. It would be reasonable to take the view that

5. The danger/problem/fact/truth/ point is that…

6. There is an in fact no reason for us to believe that…

7. The change in… largely results from the fact that…

8. One may think of the trend as a result of…

9. There are several causes for this significant growth in… First, Second, Finally…

10. Different people look at … in different ways.




. The format of an argumentative passage: (议论文的格式)

The format of an argumentative passage:




1.  Thesis Statement (中心论点)

What are you going to argue?





Supporting ideas

1 First of all/on the one hand, on the other hand


2 And/ also/ besides/ what”s more/furthermore

Arguments Con

However /but/ in fact

In conclusion


Therefore, in a word, in conclusion,




模拟练习(The differences between modern music and traditional music



How did both of traditional music and modern music produce?

What do they talk about? Maybe from music or words of song?

What kind of the music instruments do they often use?

Where do they often play?

What kinds of people do often like these two kinds of music?

What do you think of two kinds of music? Which do you like better?





Traditional Chinese music is different from modern Chinese music. To talk about traditional Chinese music, let”s go back its history. It was invented in Xia Dynasty. The king of Xia Dynasty ordered his servants to make him happy. One of the servants had a good idea that beat some household utensils with a pair of wooden chopsticks. The king was happy, so he gave awards to this servant. Maybe that is the origin of music. Modern Chinese music were invented in 1970s, some Chinese young people came across some western pop music at that time. They thought “ Why don”t we make our own pop music in China?” Then they began to study the foreign pop music and created pop music of China.



Nobody knows who wrote the songs of traditional Chinese music, because it was in the past and nobody cares about who was the composer of the songs. People just care about who writes the words of the songs. So you just know many famous people who wrote the lyric songs, but you don”t know who was the composer of the songs. But modern Chinese music is different from traditional Chinese music. We not only know who writes the songs, but also know who is the composer of the songs. I think it”s very fair to the composers.


Traditional Chinese music is often played in some traditional festival in China or some rites. We often hear some songs or music about Spring Festival and Lantern Festival or even funerals. But we can play modern Chinese music anytime in anyplace.


I think both of them are very important in our life. Whatever you like, it will make our life colorful.

(文章对比目的较强, 对比内容也比较新颖, 特别是通过历史的来源对比使读者更喜欢阅读, 有时议论文需要新颖, 有说服力的内容,并且能抓住读者的心理对要议论观点进行论证说明, 这会使文章生动.





1. The advantages and disadvantages of technology

Modern technology helps us do many of the things we want to do. For example, we can get the latest information from Internet through the computer, instead of watching TV or buy newspapers. To keep in touch with our friend and family, we can use cell phones. We can use it everywhere and every time. Modern technology has given us so many advantages.

But technology can also cause problems. A battery, which is useful for a new product of technology was thrown away, it will make air pollution terribly, which is bad for our health. And the wastes of these things are difficult to get rid of.

I think the advantages of modern technology are more than disadvantages. If we stop the inventions, the society will not make a progress and we may not have today”s convenient life. But it is necessary to protect our home. With the development of the technology, I hope the scientist will come up with the solution to pollution problem.


2. The Computer and the Internet

In recent yearsmore and more students are fond of computer and InternetThe reason why using computer has become more and more popular is that it has many advantages.(体现了活学活用,为下段的阐述作铺垫)

First of all

it”s a well-known fact that using Internet is convenient for our lifeIt”s also convenient for us to get the information for all kinds of thingsIn additionwe can make more friendsWhat”s more, we can have a mobile office  If we have a computer  it means we have our own officewe can speculate in stocksexchange the articles and get the important information in timeHowever we must look at the other side of the coin.(实际在谈它的缺点)  Using

computer incorrectly may also lead to some problems

Some students wallow in the computer games and go into the bad Internet websiteIt will take us a great deal of time and it will also have a bad effect on us

In my opinion

,(谈自己的看法) it”s necessary that we should use the computer and Internet correctlyDo go into the beneficial Internet website


本文语言简练,流畅,观点清晰。作者在习作中自然准确的使用了first of allin等,使文章衔接自然,活学活用,电脑语网络发表了自己的观点。

Chinese traditional music versus Chinese Modern music

Traditional Chinese music and Modern Chinese music are becoming more and more similar, but there are still some important differences between them.


Chinese traditional music uses flute, er hu, pipa, zither and so on. The player often wears Chinese traditional clothes. They play the music smoothly, gracefully, sitting or standing somewhere. Chinese modern music uses many kinds of instruments, such as fiddle, piano and electrical guitar, saxophone, etc. When you listen to it, you will think there”s similar with America modern music. Players often stand to play the instruments. Sometimes they will dance while they are playing. It”s really a technique!


There is also different way to express their inner desire. There”s jazz, pop or classical in modern Chinese music. Pop writer often writes words about friendship, love and the motherland. Traditional music writers often express their feelings with the surroundings, such as the life, a beautiful place and even some fairy tale.


In a word, we like both Traditional Chinese music and modern Chinese music. There are all good things in them. They are all music, aren”t they?



(本文目的明确, 每段内容都能突出围绕主题句进行比较议论,语言简洁,但内容不是生动)


驳斥性议论文: Is Money Everything

In a modern society money plays a very important role. We need money to buy what we want. In this case, money is important, but it is not everything.

With money we can buy whatever material goods we need. Sometimes money is such a magic thing that it can help us make our dream come true and make our life comfortable. On the other hand, money can also bring some trouble to us. Once we are rich, someone may confess to be our friend, but he will desert us if we lose our prosperity. Though we have a lot of mone7, we can not buy real friendship.

In a word, money is important but not everything.

For a better understanding between parent and child

Nowadays there is often a misunderstanding between parent and child. We often hear frustrated parents complain that their children are behaving unreasonably while many a child would so often say that his or her parents are just hopelessly old fashioned. When the child with a problem feels what he will probably get from his parents is incomprehension or criticism, he will go instead to his friends for sympathy and advice, leaving the parents totally unaware of his problem.

The most obvious reason for this lack of communication between parents and child is that they grew up at different times and therefore have different likes and dislikes for the things around them. Also parent is often too busy to listen patiently to the explanation of the child when there is misunderstanding. Both of them take it for granted that there is a “ generation gap.”

To bridge this so called generation gap, both parents and child should make an effort. They should try to look at things from the other”s point of view. As a start, they should try to spend more time with each other.




如:frustrated parents complain that their children are behaving unreasonably while many a child would so often say that his or her parents are just hopelessly old fashioned.

The most obvious reason for this lack of communication between parents and child is that they grew up at different times and therefore have different likes and dislikes for the thing.

To bridge this so called generation gap, both parents and child should make an effort.




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