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1. What is the woman going to do?

A. To go to school.

B. To go home.

C. To pick up her children and cook.

2. What are the speakers mainly talking about?

A. The football.             B. The money.            C. The birthday.

3. What would Mr. Wolf like to drink?

A. A coke.                B. A cold beer.           C. Nothing.

4. Where are the speakers?

A. In the woman”s house.     B. In a shop.              C. In a hotel.

5. What does the man mean?

A. He likes to put money in the bank because of security.

B. He doesn”t like to put money in the bank at all.

C. He doesn”t like to put money in the bank because it has no risk.





6. Why did Leonard quit his job?

A. He wanted to be a lawyer.

B. He didn”t like the job.

C. He didn”t want to work so many hours every day.

7. What did the man think about the job?

A. Not bad.          B. Interesting.        C. Very challenging.


8. Who are the two speakers?

A. A man and his girlfriend.   B. A man and his wife.     C. A man and his sister.

9. Why is the man unhappy about their weekends?

A. They seldonm invite friends over.

B. They seldom go out for a picnic.

C. They seldom spend the weekends together.

10. On which aspect of the picnic do the man and woman differ?

A. Who should get the car ready?

B. How many friends they should invite?

C. What food and drink they should prepare?


11. How much time is left before the film?

A. 10 minute.       B. 20 minutes.       C. 30 minutes.

12. What else do the Indians use popcorns to do?

A. In their hairstyles.

B. In their wedding ceremonies.

C. In their necklaces.

13. When were popcorns seved at the first Thanksgiving dinner?

A. In 1621.          B. In 1930.         C. In 1947.


14. Where does the conversation take place?

A. In the mountaion.        B. By the lakeside.         C. On the highway.

15. How is the woman feeling now?

A. Ashamed.              B. Worded.              C. Disappointed.

16. What can we learn from the conversation?

A. The dog can”t get lost.

B. The dog is stolen by someone.

C. The dog knows the way around the lake.


17. Who is the woman probably phoning?

A. The health department.

B. The repairman.

C. The landlord.

18. What is the woman complaining about?

A. The heater in her room is going to break down.

B. Her room doesn”t have a heater.

C. Her room is too cold.

19. What day is it when the heat is gone again?

A. Wednesday.            B. Friday.               C. Monday.

20. What does the woman want Mr. Tyler to do?

A. Repair the heater next Monday.

B. Repair the heater right now.

C. Complain to the repairman.







(Text 1)

M: Can you stay for dinner?

W: I”d like to, but I have to pick up my children from school and cook for my husband.

(Text 2)

M: Where did Adam get that new football? He hasn”t got any money.

W: It might have been a present. After all, it was his birthday last week.

(Text 3)

W: Would you like something to drink, Mr. Wolf?

M: Oh, no, thank you. Please don”t trouble yourself.

W: Are you sure you wouldn”t like a cold beer, or even a coke?

M: No, really. Thank you just the same.

(Text 4)

W: These sofas are nice, but I need one that can take a lot of wear and tear. You see, I have four children, two dogs and a cat.

M: I have just the thing for you.

W: That”s not a bad-looking sofa.

M: And it”s very strong and well-made.

(Text 5)

W: Many people put their money in the bank because it leads to no risk.

M: Put money in the bank? That”s the last thing I would do.







(Text 6)

M: What happened to Leonard?

W: He left his job at the advertising company.

M: You mean he quit his job?

W: Yes.

M: Why? I thought he was making good money.

W: He couldn”t stand it.

M: I can”t understand.

W: The hours. He was working up to 60 hours a week.


(Text 7)

M: What shall we do this weekend?

W: Did you have something special in mind?

M: No, not really. I just thought it might be fun to do something new.

W: Do something for a change, you mean?

M: Yes, something different. I need a change.

W: I usually go shopping and have my hair done during the weekend. And you usually watch the football game on TV.

M: Yes. You often have tea with your friends and I sometimes play cards with my friends. We seldom do anything together. It”s quite unlike when we were first married.

W: Now, I”ve got an idea! Autumn is the best season in Beijing. Why don”t we go for a picnic this weekend? You”ll invite your friends and I”ll invite mine. We”ll go together.

M: Good idea! I will see about the car and you will prepare the food. But are you sure you really want all our friends to come along?


(Text 8)

W: Do you have the time, Alfred?

M: It”s 7


W: We are early. The film starts at 7: 30. Let”s have something to drink.

M: That”s a good idea.

W: Something smells good.

M: Right, that”s popcorn. Would you like some popcorn?

W: Yes, I”d love some. Do you know who invented popcorn?

M: It is said that popcorn is a delicacy that was developed by the Indians of North America.

W: When did they invent it?

M: It has been dated back thousands of years.

W: I see.

M: Do you know that the Indians were not only eating popcorn, but they also used popcorn in head-dresses, necklaces and in religious ceremonies?

W: Yes, we have seen these in some films and according to most sources, a deerskin bag full of popcorn was served at the first Thanksgiving dinner at Plymouth Rock in 1621.

M: You know popcorn”s popularity grew during the Depression of the 1930s, when people realized that a little popcorn could go a long way. But its success was clinched when movie theatres across the continent started serving the snack. By 1947, 85 percent of movie houses were selling popcorn at their concession stands.

W: Oh, the movie”s about to start, let”s go.


(Text 9)

W: Excuse me, have you seen a dog on this path? I”ve lost my dog and I wondered if you”d seen him.

M: You”ve lost your dog? Oh, what a shame! No, I”m sorry I haven”t seen a dog, but I”ll look for him. What does he look like?

W: He”s a black-and-white dog. He looks a bit like a sheepdog. His name”s Jack. I always take a run around this lake at this time and I bring Jack with me. He loves the exercise. Of course he goes ahead sometimes, but he always waits for me. Today he”s disappeared. I can”t find him anywhere.

M: Do you always walk along the same path around the lake?

W: Yes, I go north this way around the lake and then I go back from the south way. The dog knows the path very well.

M: He must be here somewhere. I”ll look out for him I hope you can find him.

W: Thank you.



Text 10

W: “Hello, um, is Mr. Tyler there, please? … Hello, Mr. Tyler, it”s Sarah Peterson calling … Hi, um, listen, I really hate to tell you this, but the heat is gone again… Yeah, that”s right, it”s not working at all … Yeah, I realize you fixed it last week, but it doesn”t seem to be working… Uumm… Monday … well… I don”t really think so. This is Friday, so that”s two days without heat. I don”t really think that”s fair… Yeah, I know it”s difficult to get a repairman. Mr. Tyler, but… listen. I have a two-month-old child, and I don”t think she should have to put up with this … No, Mr. Tyler I will not wait until Monday, Okay? … All right, listen, Mr. Tyler, if you don”t call in the repairman, I am going to call the health department. I mean it… Yes., I will, and if that doesn”t work, I”ll take you to court… All right, all right. That”s fine. I”ll be expecting you tomorrow … Okay. Thank you very much, I appreciate it… Bye-bye…”



C 2A 3C 4B 5B


C 7A 8B 9C 10B


A 12C 13A 14B 15B


C 17C 18C 19B 20B


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